Monday, January 27, 2014

Abstraction Kills Volume II

I figured if Kill Bill could have multiple volumes so can my post on abstraction.  In my original post I focused on relating some of the lessons to my work life, but Sinek’s book got into personal and politics as well – I elected not to go there.  With the recent reaction to the Grammys Wedding ceremony I thought it was a good opportunity to expand my post.  Here is a link so just some of the reaction to the Grammys.   

We use more then just numbers as substitutes for people. Social media and our 140 character posts are perfect example of abstraction.  For some folks it’s easy to hide behind facebook and post something they would never say to another person face-to-face.  Cyberbullying is an extension of this - the news stories on what kids are doing to each other is heart breaking.  The easy reaction to those hiding behind the internet is to bombard them back with another 140 characters – but this is just perpetuating the cycle. We need to stop this insanity and start having constructive conversations and reminding ourselves there are people at the other ends of our words (and not just an avatar of Daria)

Leaving you with a song that’s on regular rotation on my spotify - Nothing More by Alternate Routes.  

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