Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Art of Lollygagging

Since it’s the holiday season, I thought I would write something lighter J 

Back in 7th grade my Social Studies teacher would tell us to stop lollygagging when we got a little too rambunctious.    Since then, it’s been one of my favorite words and recently has become one of my favorite activities (helping me get out of a funk). By its very definition there are no rules to lollygagging – but I can make some recommendations.  

According to Urban Dictionary, lollygagging is “Idly wasting time, hanging around with no purpose”. Lollygagging for me is a slightly slower paced version of hiking and/or exploring.  I typically do this in and around the city of Atlanta.    I’m looking for cool street art, random nerdy things, and neato scenic stuff.

While I typically have a plan (I know it seems contrary to the art) – there are two keys: 1) You need to be ready to have a squirrel moment and 2) the pace has to truly be leisurely.  Regarding item 1.  You need to be ready to walk off the beaten path.  If you hear music playing around the corner - follow the beat, if you see a bird that's really interesting– follow it (just make sure you look where you are going) , if you see an ice cream shop – stop and get a cone, if you see a large structure/boulder/random rope – climb it….you get the picture.  Speaking of pictures...

Pics or it didn’t happen (#lollygagging).  Words of advice – hold onto your phone when taking pictures.  I accidently dropped mine into a creek on a lollygagging adventure…

Shout out to Jorge for inspiring this latest post.

Have a happy holiday!

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