Wednesday, August 28, 2013

*Head Desk* a Postscript

This post is an addendum to the *Head Desk* Post from a month ago.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to volunteer for a Girls Get IT event in Atlanta.  It promotes junior high school and high school girls getting involved in STEM related fields.  We went on a tour of Chamberlain College of Nursing.  This visit was awesome - I think I was more excited then the kids - I don't think I realized how much technology there was in Healthcare education.  

During the tour, there was a computer that allowed the nursing student to simulate the requesting of medicine pills for the patient.  She entered the drug name and the quantity needed.  As part of that process, the software had intelligence built in that detected drugs of similar names.  So if she requested Mombiely (yes, I made that up) - it would say did you mean Mombiely or Mobiely?  The risk of administering the wrong drug can be fatal.  This software is checking for the typical mistakes a person might make when requesting specific medication.   It was a timely experience after what had happened with my bank website.

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