Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Introvert Dips her Toe into the Extrovert Pond

I've been hesitant to start my own blog and didn't want to unless I had something unique to offer to the product management community.  Two things inspired me to get out of the hammock and start writing (much to the dismay of my English teachers from my youth)

First, I recently read the Dan Pink book "To Sell is Human".  It's an awesome book for product managers, a group of folks who are always selling their product vision in and outside of their organization.  The book mentions learning Improv as a way to improve listening, creativity and team skills.  So rather than read another book - I elected to sign up for an improv class. It's a fundamentals class targeted at people like me - those who don't (or can't) want to have a career in comedy.

For those of you that don't know me...I'm an "I" on the Myers Briggs assessment.  So the thought of doing this scares the bejeezus out of me - which must mean its the right thing to do.

Class starts Monday April 8th, so there is still time for me to chicken out - but since I've now said this out loud, I think I have to follow through.

Back to my original point.  This blog will be a great outlet for me to share my adventures in playing in the extrovert waters.  Who knows - maybe after 8 weeks I will score an "E" on that assessment.

Secondly...I had the opportunity to hear the CEO of SilverPop, Bill Nussey, speak at a TAG Product Management event. He talked about the 6 secrets of great product managers.  One of those secrets is being what he called Bat Crap Crazy.  Based on some of the signs (like talking incessantly at happy hour about what's coming in the next product release) - I decided I might just be bat crap crazy.  So I'm stealing the moniker - although based on my experiences - many of us fit that bill (Jason Brett I might be talking to you). I'm hoping to share some of my product management experiences here.  

So please stayed tuned as I plan to share my adventures from Improv class and anything that else this bat crap crazy pm does or learns.


  1. Thank you! I was a guest blogger on a couple of sites and realized that I might have something to say on a regular basis.

    I signed up for an 8 week class - 2 hours every Monday. I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into - but Monday should be the start of something fun. :)

  2. Great post. Have fun in the class. Once you've learned to channel your inner extrovert, check this book out - surprisingly relevant.

  3. Thanks Russell! I will never fully give up my introverted side - but it might be fun for a little bit to see how the other half lives.

  4. Well, well! I know you are supposed to be an "I", but there is a big "E" in there and she comes out often. Like the day you got this "E" who wanted to be an "I" go to lunch and we've been friends ever since. This is a great idea and I'm willing to bet it will spread far and be followed by many. I'm actually waiting for the day you decide to get published. Good luck, my friend.

  5. Hi Kellie, Congrats on the new blog...I look forward to following you on it!

  6. Thank you Dean - I'm looking forward to it!

  7. I love the name of your blog . Product Management needs as many voices as it can get so I'm pumped to see you going online. I look forward to reading more!

  8. Thank you for the inspiration Bill! :)